A Smile that Says Unconditional Love

Summer Camp 2015, Mythri Charitable Trust (R)

When I look back to all those times that I have smiled with abandon, there is one place that prominently stands out – Mythri Charitable Trust (R).

Mythri is a school for the mentally challenged which my grandfather started about 35 years ago – the first of it’s kind in Mysuru. You can’t improve their IQ that easily, so my grandfather and his partner introduced a syllabus for these special children to improve their skills; he introduced those activities into their schedule which would not only improve their motor skills but would also help them find a job for themselves when it was time for them to leave the school.

People think that spending time with these people would make them sad. I’m here to tell you that you won’t be. Spending just five minutes in this place will plaster a smile on your face. The students might be challenged and they might be from economically backward communities, but they love unconditionally. They don’t understand the concept of hate.

Every time I visit the school, they recognise me the instant I reach the gate. I am greeted with bone crushing hugs and screams of enthusiasm. No one wants to be left out with the handshakes and hugs. Even the reclusive ones have warmed up to me over the years. Just the sound of “APPAKKA” makes my day and there is no challenge I can’t overcome. Even today, after moving to a different city, there is no happy place which can compete for close second.

3 thoughts on “A Smile that Says Unconditional Love

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